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Which option is a purpose of port scanning?

A.    Identify the Internet Protocol of the target system.
B.    Determine if the network is up or down
C.    Identify which ports and services are open on the target host.
D.    Identify legitimate users of a system.

Answer: A

Which definition of the virtual address space for a Windows process is true?

A.    actual physical location of an object in memory
B.    set of virtual memory addresses that it can use
C.    set of pages that are currently resident in physical memory
D.    system-level memory protection feature that is built into the operating system

Answer: A

Which information security property is supported by encryption?

A.    sustainability
B.    integrity
C.    confidentiality
D.    availability

Answer: A

Which situation indicates application-level white listing?

A.    Allow everything and deny specific executable files.
B.    Allow specific executable files and deny specific executable files.
C.    Writing current application attacks on a whiteboard daily.
D.    Allow specific files and deny everything else.

Answer: C

If a web server accepts input from the user and passes it to a bash shell, to which attack method is it vulnerable?

A.    input validation
B.    hash collision
C.    command injection
D.    integer overflow

Answer: B

Which definition of a process in Windows is true?

A.    running program
B.    unit of execution that must be manually scheduled by the application
C.    database that stores low-level settings for the OS and for certain applications
D.    basic unit to which the operating system allocates processor time

Answer: C

Which definition of permissions in Linux is true?

A.    rules that allow network traffic to go in and out
B.    table maintenance program
C.    written affidavit that you have to sign before using the system
D.    attributes of ownership and control of an object

Answer: A

Which hashing algorithm is the least secure?

A.    MD5
B.    RC4
C.    SHA-3
D.    SHA-2

Answer: D

Which protocol is expected to have NTP a user agent, host, and referrer headers in a packet capture?

A.    NTP
B.    HTTP
C.    DNS
D.    SSH

Answer: C


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