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Which process is responsible to provide and maintain accurate information on all services that are being transitioned or have been transitioned to the live environment?

A.    Service portfolio management
B.    Service level management
C.    Service catalogue management
D.    Service capacity management

Answer: C

What BEST describes an important principle of communication in service operation?

A.    It is efficient, effective and economical for all IT services
B.    It has an intended purpose or a resultant action
C.    It focuses on creating a relationship between processes and products
D.    It has responsibility for creating policies

Answer: D

What is an objective of event management?

A.    To maintain user satisfaction with the quality of IT services
B.    To detect changes of state that have significance for management of an IT service
C.    To provide a channel for users to receive standard services that they are expecting
D.    To minimize the impact of incidents due to service failures that cannot be prevented

Answer: A

Where are the details of core and enhancing services provided?

A.    The definitive media library
B.    The configuration management system
C.    The service portfolio
D.    The service catalogue

Answer: D

Which is used to assess business demand for services?

A.    Premium business assets
B.    Patterns of business activity
C.    Provider business assets
D.    Predicted business architecture

Answer: B

What BEST describes the value of service operation to the business?

A.    It supports the creation of a portfolio of quantified services
B.    It ensures IT services are continuously aligned to business requirements
C.    It defines the control of service assets and configurations
D.    It reduces the duration and frequency of service outages

Answer: C

Which process analyses services that are no longer viable and when they should be retired?

A.    Change management
B.    Service portfolio management
C.    Service level management
D.    Business relationship management

Answer: B

What BEST defines roles and responsibilities in relation to process and activities?

A.    Human resource model
B.    Configuration baseline
C.    Service model
D.    RACI matrix

Answer: D
Explanation: (page 9)

Which one of the following answers shows two of the activities relating to tools that will take place during the transition stage of the service lifecycle?

A.    Testing the tool and training process managers on using the process
B.    Development or purchase of tools and deployment of the tools
C.    Training tool administrators how to manage tools and monitoring tool performance in operational environment
D.    Development or purchase of tools and deployment of the process

Answer: AD

Which three types of metric support Continual Service Improvement (CSI) activities?

A.    Technology metrics, service desk metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics
B.    Process metrics, software metrics and financial metrics
C.    Technology metrics, process metrics and service metrics
D.    Service metrics, technology metrics and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) metrics

Answer: C

Which of the following are CORRECT Service Design Aspects?
1. Service Solutions for new or changed services
2. Management policies and guidelines
3. Business requirements technology and management architectures
4. Process requirements technology and management architectures

A.    1 and 2
B.    2 and 3
C.    3 and 4
D.    1 and 4

Answer: D


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