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Which three tools are used to create phone user accounts in Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express? (Choose three.)

A.    Cisco Configuration Professional
B.    CPE
C.    CLI
D.    GUI
E.    TUI
F.    Cisco Security Device Manager

Answer: ACD

Which menu does a voice engineer use to create a phone user account in the Cisco Unified CME GUI?

A.    Configure
B.    Voicemail
C.    Administration
D.    Reports

Answer: A

Which menu should be used to create a username and password in the Cisco Unified CME GUI?

A.    configure > pilot number
B.    configure > extension
C.    configure > phones
D.    configure > system parameters

Answer: C

Which menu option should be selected to add a desk phone as an endpoint in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    Application
B.    Device
C.    System
D.    User management
E.    Media devices

Answer: B

When you attempt to add a phone to the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express using the GUI interface, the error “No New Phone to Add” appears.
Which command is causing the error?

A.    No auto-reg-ephone
B.    No service ephone-reg
C.    SIP-ua no auto-reg-ephone
D.    stcapp ccm-group 1

Answer: A

Which scenario allows user A in partition X to call user B in Cisco Unified Communications Manager?

A.    User B in partition X is not assigned to any CSS.
B.    User B in partition Y assigns both partitions to CSS-X.
C.    User B is not assigned to any partition or CSS.
D.    User B is assigned to partition Y and assigns to CSS-X.

Answer: B

Which describes how to provide a third directory number button and a BLF speed dial for twelve of the Cisco Unified IP Phone 7965?

A.    Modify the Standard User softkey template.
B.    Copy the Standard User softkey template, name it, and add the requested features.
C.    Copy the Standard 7965 SCCP phone button template, rename it, and add the requested
D.    It is not possible to add a third DN and a BLF speed dial to the IP Phone 7965 IP.

Answer: C

Which three items are required to provision core telephony service on the Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express router? (Choose three.)

A.    MAC address
B.    IP source address
C.    dial peer
D.    ephone
E.    max-dn
F.    max-ephone

Answer: BEF

Which two layers are Cisco Unified Communications component layers? (Choose two.)

A.    infrastructure layer
B.    data link layer
C.    network layer
D.    endpoints layer
E.    transport layer

Answer: AD

Which type of template should be used when a network engineer adds a new call center agent in the Cisco Unity Connection?

A.    Contact
B.    Call handler
C.    User
D.    Notification

Answer: C


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