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Refer to the exhibit. What can you deduce from this configuration?

A.    This configuration is not taken from a fabric interconnect.
B.    This configuration refers to an uplink port on the fabric interconnect.
C.    Fabric link Eth1/1/3 is pinned to uplink port Eth1/1.
D.    A server in slot 3 is pinned to link 1 between IOM and the fabric interconnect.

Answer: D

Which Cisco UCS C Series command sequence initiates the sending of a technical support file to a TFTP server?

A.    ucs /cimc # scope tech-support ucs /cimc/tech-support # set ip
ucs /cimc/tech-support *# set tftp-path \showtechsupport
ucs /cimc/tech-support *#commit ucs /cimc/tech-support *#start
B.    ucs /cimc # scope tech-support
ucs /cimc/tech-support # set tftp-ip
ucs /cimc/tech- support *# set path \showtechsupport
ucs /cimc/tech-support *#commit ucs /cimc/tech-support *#start
C.    ucs /cimc # scope support ucs /cimc/support # set tftp-ip
ucs /cimc/support *# set path \showtechsupport
ucs /cimc/support *#commit ucs /cimc/support *#start
D.    ucs /cimc # scope system-support
ucs /cimc/system-support # set tftp-ip
ucs /cimc/system-support *# set path \showtechsupport
ucs /cimc/system-support *#commit ucs /cimc/system-support *#start

Answer: B

During a Cisco UCS firmware update via the UCS Manager GUI, you choose All from the Filter list in the Activate Firmware dialog box. Which statement about this action is true?

A.    Because many releases and patches have dependencies that require a specific order, this method is not preferred, and you should consult the release notes.
B.    This setting will work and UCS Manager will properly activate all elements in the correct order.
C.    This setting will have no effect, and you should always use the CLI to complete firmware upgrades.
D.    You should open a case with Cisco TAC to determine what to do.

Answer: A

Which option is the cause when a DIMM is marked as bad?

A.    More than 16000 errors were witnessed during test execution during BIOS.
B.    DIMM Blacklisting is enabled.
C.    The DIMM is missing.
D.    The bank of DIMMs is composed of different size DIMMs.

Answer: A

As an experienced technician, you are responsible for Technical Support in your company.
A user calls to ask you with which Cisco UCS feature he could send specific functional data using call home. How will you reply?

A.    call home profiles
B.    call home alert groups
C.    call home port groups
D.    call home threshold groups

Answer: B

As an experienced technician, you should be familiar with components of the UCS solution. Which of the following have beacon LEDs? (Choose two)

A.    fabric interconnect
B.    monitors
C.    blades
D.    chassis

Answer: CD

Refer to the following statements, which one about full-state backup is the most accurate?

A.    used for either a single or dual UCS catastrophic failure
B.    stored as gzipped tarball
C.    can be restored with no special requirements
D.    easy to modify as needed

Answer: A

Which two of the following descriptions best describe opt-in models? (Choose two)

A.    A lofical server opt-in model uses hardware values as identifiers
B.    A basec opt-in model uses hardware values as identifiers
C.    A lofical server opt-in model uses virtualized identifiers
D.    A basec opt-in model uses virtualized identifiers

Answer: BC

Refer to the following items, which is contained in a user object of the UCS system contain? (Choose two)

A.    Microsoft Active Directory credentials
B.    Authentication and Authorization credentials
C.    LDAP assignment
D.    Role assignment

Answer: CD

Which of the following statements correctly describes the high availability in the Cisco UCS?

A.    Each group is identified by a floating node ID
B.    A node is one of the two(2) Fabric Interconnects
C.    A node is one of the two(2) CMCs
D.    A group is a set of four(4)nodes

Answer: B


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