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2016.Oct. New Avaya 7893X: Avaya IP Office™ Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam Questions Released Today!

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On an IP 500 control unit that has 12 DS30 modules configured, what is the maximum number ISDN/PRI trunks that can be configured?

A.    6
B.    3
C.    4
D.    8

Answer: A

You have just plugged in a new IP500 V2, and you look at its Dashboard display to see the new device. No telephones are plugged into the unit.
Why are two ports in one of the modules green?

A.    There is a Combo Card in the chassis.
B.    The operating system is up, and someone is administering the system.
C.    The device has power and passes self-test.
D.    LAN1 and LAN2 are disconnected.

Answer: A

A user is testing a mobile telephone in a new deployment of Avaya Communicator. Calls can be made, but the Presence and Instant Messaging features do not work.
Which statement describes why the user cannot make the new features work?

A.    The user does not have the correct profile configured.
B.    The new Codecs are not supported.
C.    The user is not configured as an agent.
D.    The IP Office is only an Essential Edition.

Answer: D

A customer tells you that the IP Office VoIP system has too much lag time between the speaker and the listener.
Which two statements describe what you should do to determine the cause of the delay? (Choose two.)

A.    Use Wireshark.
B.    Use debug view.
C.    Enable RTCP monitoring.
D.    Examine the IP Telephone VoIP settings.
E.    Use SSA.

Answer: CE

The modems in fax machines have trouble with VoIP.
Which protocol is used to overcome this problem.

A.    RTP Relay
B.    X509
C.    T.38
D.    RFC 7832

Answer: C
Explanation: Page: 8

When using the System Status Application to troubleshoot an issue, which two are used for collecting data? (Choose two.)

A.    Development Tracing
B.    Resource View
C.    Continuous Log
D.    Selective View
E.    Snapshot Only

Answer: CE
Explanation: Page: 14-15


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