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[Oct.-2016-NEW]Exam Pass 100%!Avaya 7893X Exam VCE and PDF Dumps 75q Instant Download[NQ34-NQ39]

2016.Oct. New Avaya 7893X: Avaya IP Office™ Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam Questions Released Today!

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Which Voicemail Pro feature has a web interface to retrieve information left by the caller?

A.    Voicemail Collect
B.    Campaign
C.    Looped Announcement
D.    Avaya Contact Recorder
E.    Auto Attendant

Answer: D

You have changed the default port numbers for UDP, TCP and TLS in the IP Office to support a SIP Remote worker.
Which two other items need to be changed? (Choose two.)

A.    User permissions
B.    Internet Router/Firewall
C.    Manager PC
D.    Network topology
E.    Client device.

Answer: BE

If you choose to erase security settings to set them back to default, which three passwords will you be prompted to change? (Choose three.)

A.    User Password
B.    System Password
C.    Security Password
D.    Voicemail Pro Password
E.    Administrator Password

Answer: BCE

You have made changes to the security setting and created a new user right; however, when you go to save the changes the system will not allow you to save your changes.
Why is this?

A.    Changes are effective straight away, it is not necessary to save them.
B.    You have not changed the default Security password.
C.    You have lost connection to the IP Office.
D.    You have not set a System password.

Answer: C
Explanation: Page: 152

A customer’s main number is routed to the destination VM:Main in the incoming call route menu.
Where should you now look to see the routing of these calls?

A.    Voicemail Pro Modules
B.    Auto Attendant menu
C.    Hunt Groups
D.    Users

Answer: A

A customer has requested that all users should be prevented from dialing international numbers.
Which way is the quickest and easiest way to achieve this using Short Codes?

A.    Apply the short code to the ARS table.
B.    Apply the short code to a user right.
C.    Apply the short code to all external lines.
D.    Apply the short code to each user individually.

Answer: A


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2.Braindump2go|2016.Oct. New Avaya 7893X Exam Questions & Answers:!AvI7wzKf6QBjc_kkbtjjvX0knGg


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