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[Oct.-2016-NEW]High Quality 7893X Exam PDF and VCE Dumps 75Q&As Free Share[NQ59-NQ65]

2016.Oct. New Avaya 7893X: Avaya IP Office™ Platform Configuration and Maintenance Exam Questions Released Today!

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To allow a user access to the SSA tool for system monitoring and troubleshooting, which rights group in the security setting must the user have enabled?

A.    Admin System
B.    Maint Admin
C.    Installation group
D.    Administration group

Answer: D
Explanation: Page: 9

You are in the User Form of Manager, and you are trying to make the User a Power User, but on the profile drop-down menu that option is not appearing.
Why is this?

A.    You have not checked the correct box to enable this feature.
B.    There are no licenses available for this feature.
C.    This User does not have an Extension.
D.    The User has the wrong User Right assigned to them.

Answer: B

Which two methods are used to send voicemails to email with the Voicemail Pro? (Choose two.)

A.    Outlook
B.    MAPI
C.    SNMP
D.    SMTP
E.    TAPI

Answer: BD
Explanation: Page: 57

Where can additional IP Office Service User logins be setup?

A.    the IP Office Manager Security Settings
B.    the IP Office Manager Network Configuration
C.    the IP Office Softphone Application
D.    the IP Office System Monitor Application

Answer: A
Explanation: Page: 155-156, 174-175

Which application can be used to show available resources in an IP500 V2?

A.    DbgView
B.    IP Office Manager
C.    Monitor
D.    System Status Application

Answer: D
Explanation: Page: 9

Which outcome can be prevented with a correctly configured multi-site SCN solution?

A.    tromboned calls
B.    oversubscribed VMPro ports
C.    compromised ACD routes
D.    oversubscribed VoiceMail storage

Answer: B

In a Small Community Network (SCN) with Distributed Voicemail, which two are required? (Choose two.)

A.    Local Host file
B.    SMTP unblocked between Voicemail servers
C.    Preferred Edition Licenses on all IP Office systems
D.    Port 80 supported
E.    IIS installed on all Voicemail Pro servers.

Answer: BE
Explanation: Page: 133 to 140


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