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Exam Code: 70-486
Exam Name: Developing ASP.NET MVC 4 Web Applications
Certification Provider: Microsoft
Corresponding Certifications: MCSD, MCSD: SharePoint Applications, MCSD: Web Applications

This 70-486 exam is intended for developers with a minimum of three to five years of experience developing Microsoft ASP.NET web applications, including two or more years developing MVC-based solutions.

2016 NEW 70-486 Exam Topics:
1.Design the application architecture
2.Design the user experience
3.Develop the user experience
4.Troubleshoot and debug web applications
5.Design and implement security


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You are developing a new ASP.NET MVC application that will be hosted on Microsoft Azure.
You need to implement caching.
The caching solution must support the following:
– The cache must be able to store out-of-process ASP.NET session state.
– The cache must be able to store a variety of data types.
– The cache must offer a large amount of space for cached content.
You must be able to share output cache content across web server instances.
You need to select a cache solution.
Which caching solution should you choose?

A.    ASP.NET Caching
B.    Azure In-Role Cache
C.    Azure Redis Cache
D.    Azure Managed Cache Service

Answer: C

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application that uses forms authentication.
The application uses SQL queries that display customer order data.
You need to prevent all SQL injection attacks against the application.
How should you secure the queries?

A.    Implement parameterization.
B.    Pattern check the input.
C.    Filter out prohibited words in the input.
D.    Escape single quotes on string-based input parameters.

Answer: A
With most development platforms, parameterized statements that work with parameters can be used (sometimes called placeholders or bind variables) instead of embedding user input in the statement. A placeholder can only store a value of the given type and not an arbitrary SQL fragment. Hence the SQL injection would simply be treated as a strange (and probably invalid) parameter value.

You developing website that needs to be responsive and used in all types of devices with the least amount of effort what should you consider.

A.    In css style each HTML tag by setting width to 100%
B.    Use meta viewport and set device-width.
C.    Use displaymodeprovider.
D.    In css use Mediaattribute.

Answer: B

You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application.
The application uses a SQL Server database and a SQL Server login and password.
You need to ensure that the password for the SQL Server login is not stored in plain text.
Which two actions should you perform? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Ensure that there is a valid machineKey element in the web.config file.
B.    Encrypt the connection string by using aspnet_regiis.exe.
C.    Ensure that there is a valid encryptionKey element in the web.config file.
D.    Encrypt the connection string by using aspnet_wp.exe5

Answer: AB

You are building an ASP.NET application.
You must test in multiple browsers at the same tune.
You need to refresh all of the browsers automatically each time you make a change to the code. Which three actions should you perform in sequence? To answer, move the appropnate actions from the list of actions to the answer area and arrange them In the correct order.

A.    Rebuild the solution.
B.    Enable Browser link.
C.    Run the solution.
D.    Refresh linked browsers.
E.    Choose the browsers.

Answer: BDE

You develop an ASP.NET MVC application. The application includes a web application configuration file that contains sensitive information.
You need to encrypt the sensitNe information.
Which tool should you use?

A.    caspol.exe
B.    aspnet_wp.exe
C.    ngen.exe 4%
D.    aspnet_regiis.exe
E.    regasm.exe

Answer: D

You develop a new ASP.NET MVC application.
You use local storage to maintain state.
The localstorage object’s setitem method is failing to store a value.
Which two scenarios will cause the failure? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

A.    The user has disabled local storage in the browser.
B.    The newValue property was used prior to calling the setitem method.
C.    The value being stored is a JavaScript array.
D.    The value being stored exceeds I0MB in size.

Answer: AD

You are maintaining an ASP.NET MVC application that runs on Azure.
Remote debugging Is enabled for this role, but the input endpoints for remote debugging have been removed for security reasons.
You do not have permission to view the Azure Portal for this deployment.
You can log on by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
You must attach a remote debugger to the application.
You need to add the input endpoints to enable remote debugging.
Which file should you modify?

A.    E:\.csman
B.    C:\Config\ .ccf
C.    C:\Config\ WebRole.1.xml
D.    E:\entrypoint.txt

Answer: A

You are developing an ASP.NET MW application that will be deployed on local Internet Information Services (IIS} servers and on a Azure Web Role.
You must log events for the application when It’s deployed locally and on Azure.
You must not deploy additional services.You need to implement a logging solution.
Which two technologies can you use? Each correct answer represents a complete solution.

A.    event log
B.    console
C.    named pipe
D.    trace

Answer: AD

Drag and drop to complete cshtml code to start a chat app.
The answer may be:
var conn = $.hubConnection();
var hub = conn.createHubProxy(“HubclassName”);

Implementing SignalR setup using nugets.
Which actions should you perform. (Choose all that apply)

A.    Add service connection. //Could it be establish connection?
B.    Implment interface: Providers
C.    Creating a hub class to push content to clients
D.    Register ?
E.     Create owin startupclass

Answer: ACE

You are Implementing test cases.
You need to test the below cases choose appropriate test.
Validating user input Values.
Testing Controller functions.
Load testing.
Performance testing
Which Type of test do you use in each test case. (Drag Drop)
Coded ui test project
Unit test project
Web performance and load test performance project
Validating user input Values = Coded UI test.
Test Controller functions = Unit test project.
Load testing = Web performance and load test performance project.
Performance testing = Web performance and load test performance project.

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