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Case Study 5 – Tailspin toys

Tailspin toys is a toy manufacturer. The company headquarters is located in Melbourne.
The company has a design and development office located in Singapore. The company also has branch offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, Tokyo, Sydney, and Auckland. Tailspin Toys has implemented Skype for Business Server 2015 and is actively using instant messaging (IM), presence, peer-to peer audio and video, conferencing, remote access, and federation. The company uses Exchange Online. The number of users in each office is shown in the following table:
Existing Environment
You have the following networks:
The network latency between each branch site and the central site is more than 25ms. Based on the network latency, you use the RTAudio codec for all public switched telephone network (PSTN) calls from the branch sites.
All Windows desktop client computers run Windows 7, Windows 8.1, or Windows 10 and are domain joined.
Skype for Business
Singapore and Melbourne each have the following Skype for Business Server 2015 components:
– A front-end pool with three front-end servers
– A back-end pool that is configured as a two server SQL AlwaysOn availability group
– A single Edge Server
– A single Reverse Proxy server
– A single Office Web App server
Tailspin Toys currently uses a third-party dial-in conferencing provider. Moving dial-in conferencing from the third-party dial-in conferencing provider to the new Skype for Business solution will add a maximum concurrency of 50 PSTN calls to the Melbourne and Singapore sites, respectively.
PBX and Dial plans
The following table shows the call load for the existing IP PBX solution:
The following table details the Dial Plan for the Sydney office:
User issues
Users report the following issues:
– Users in Hong Kong report issues with media quality when using Skype for Business conferencing features.
– Users who need to use Call Via Work report that this option is not visible in their desktop client.
– Users in the Auckland office report issues regarding call quality. You identify that the issue relates to use of non-qualified devices. You purchase new qualified devices and have delivered the device to the Auckland office.
– After the migration from the existing IP-PBX, users in Sydney report that they cannot make calls to mobile numbers.
User1 is located in the Auckland office. User1 reports persistent call quality issues. You generate the following diagnostic report for User1:
Caller Device and Signal Metrics:
Audio Stream (Caller->Callee)
Audio Stream (Callee -> Caller)
Business Requirements
You have the following business requirements:
– You must centralize voice services and reduce the costs associated with long distance and international calls.
– You must implement a single voice solution across the enterprise.
– Any planned changes to the solution must minimize administrative and financial costs.
– Executives must be allowed to use third party tablets and mobile devices.
– Executives must be able to receive inbound calls even under bandwidth constrained situations.
Technical Requirements
You have the following technical requirements. The new Skype for Business solution needs to replace the existing third-party party dial-in conferencing provider.
Network requirements
Prioritize Skype for Business traffic on the network where possible.
Avoid over-subscription on bandwidth constraint network sites.
Unified Messaging requirements
Tailspin toys prefers to use voice mail as part of Exchange Online.
Enterprise Voice requirements
Provide enterprise voice to all users in all locations.
Ensure that the solution is highly available.
PSTN connections must be centralized to Melbourne and Singapore.
You must implement Call Via Work functionality for specific users.

You need to implement the Mediation services solution.
What should you do?

A.    Use a collocated Mediation server on the existing Front End Servers in Melbourne and Singapore.
B.    Deploy a new stand-alone Mediation server pool in Melbourne and Singapore.
C.     Deploy a dedicated Mediation server pool at each site.
D.     Deploy a Survivable Branch appliance at each site.

Answer: A

Hotspot Question
You need to configure the Enterprise Voice deployment for the Hong Kong site.
How should you configure the Hong Kong network link? To answer, select the appropriate codec and bandwidth in kilobits per second (Kbps) from the list in the answer area.

Hotspot Question
You need to configure media bypass for Tailspin Toys.
What should you do? To answer, select the appropriate Media Bypass setting from each list in the answer area.


You need to enable all users for voice mail.
Which three configuration steps are required to configure the environment for Exchange Unified Messaging? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

A.    Run the OcsUMUtil executable on the Skype for Business server.
B.    Run ExchUCUtil.ps1 on the Exchange server.
C.    Run the New-CsHostingProvider Skype for Business Management Shell cmdlet.
D.     Run the New-CsHostedVoicemailPolicy Skype for Business Management Shell cmdlet.
E.     Apply the hosted voice mail policy to all users.

Answer: AB

You need to solve the Enterprise Voice issue experienced by Sydney users.
Which normalization rule should you use for mobile numbers?

A.    ^0[45]\((d8))$
B.    ^0([45]\d{6})$
C.    ^0[45]\d({8})$
D.    ^0([45]\d{8})$

Answer: D

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