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Your network contains an Active Directory domain named contoso.com.
The domain contains a DHCP server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2012 R2.
You create a DHCP scope named Scope1. The scope has a start address of an

end address of, and a subnet mask of
You need to ensure that Scope1 has a subnet mask of
What should you do first?

A.    From the DHCP console, modify the properties of Scope1.
B.    From the DHCP console, modify the Scope Options of Scope1.
C.    From Windows PowerShell. run the Remove-DhcpServerv4Scope cmdlet.
D.    From the DHCP console, reconcile Scope1.

Answer: C

RODC comes with a number of features that focus on heightened security with limited functionality to remote office users.
Which of the following are features of RODC?

A.    Filtered Attribute Sets
B.    Read-Only DNS
C.    Unidirectional Replication
D.    All of these

Answer: D

Sometimes it’s important to remove an RODC from your forest or domain. However, it’s important that you follow a simple rule whilst removing RODC’s. What is this rule?

A.    All RODC’s must be detached before removing a final writable domain controller
B.    All writable domain controllers must be removed before RODC’s can be detached
C.    Your forest must only consist of RODC’s if you want to remove them
D.    There are no rules for removing RODC’s

Answer: A

Complete the missing word from the sentence below that is describing one of the new roles in Server 2012:
By using ___, you can augment an organization’s security strategy by protecting information through persistent usage policies, which remain with the information, no matter where it is moved.

A.    ADFS
B.    RODC
D.    AD RMS

Answer: A

You have a server named Server1. that runs Windows Server 2012 R2. Server1 has live network adapters. Three of the network adapters are connected to a network named LAN1. The two other network adapters are connected to a network named LAN2.
You create a network adapter team named Team1 from two of all the adapters connected to LAN1.
You create a network adapter team named Team2 from the two adapters connected to LAN2.
A company policy states that all server IP addresses must he assigned by using a reserved address in DHCP.
You need to identify how many DHCP reservations you must create for Server1.
How many reservations should you identify?

A.    2
B.    3
C.    5
D.    7

Answer: B

You create an OU named tempusers. you add several test users to that OU.
You want to delete the ou and receive an error.
remove-adorganizationunit -identity “ou=tempusrs, dc=contoso,dc=com” – recursive.

A.    Remove all the users from ou
B.    Modify the rights to your user account
C.    Set the confirm parameters to $true
D.    Set the protectfromaccidential deletion to $false

Answer: D

You have a server that runs server core of windows 2012 r2 server. you need to ensure that windows updates are installed only by using manual installation on server1. which 3 steps will you perform.
scregedit.wsf /au 1
wuauclt /selfupdatemanaged
netstop wuauserv
wuauclt /selfupdateunmanaged
net start wuauserv
1) netstop wuauserv
2) scregedit.wsf /au 1
3) net start wuauserv

Your network has ipsec policy configured.
You need to exempt icmp and router discovery traffic from ipsec policy rule in windows firewall.
which command will you use

A.    Disable-NetAdapterBinding
B.    Update-NetIPSecRule
C.    Remove-NetFirewallRule
D.    Set-NetFirewallSetting

Answer: D
The Set-NetFirewallSetting cmdlet configures properties that apply to the firewall and IPsec settings, regardless of which network profile is currently in use. This cmdlet allows the administrator to specify global firewall behavior.
Reference: Set-NetFirewallSetting

Your network contains one Active Directory domain named contoso.com.
You deploy a new virtual machine in microsoft azure and then you run the active directory domain configuration wizard as show in the exhibit. (click the exhibit button).
You need to ensure that all of the users in contoso.com are replicated to the new domain controller in azure.
What should you do?

A.    Modify the Deployment Configuration.
B.    Set up directory integration.
C.    Configuration Azure Active Directory Connect.
D.    Select the Domain Name System (DNS) server check box.

Answer: C

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