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Vendor: Microsoft
Exam Code: MB3-701
Exam Name: Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 Financials

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You need to determine the distribution accounts in Payables Transaction Entry.
What is the default order?

A.    Vendor Class and then Posting Account Setup
B.    Vendor Account Maintenance and then Posting Account Setup
C.    Vendor Account Maintenance and then Vendor Class
D.    General Ledger setup and then Vendor Account Maintenance

Answer: B

You place a vendor on hold.
What is the result?

A.    You cannot void invoices for that vendor.
B.    You cannot create a new payment to that vendor.
C.    You cannot edit Vendor Maintenance.
D.    You cannot post invoices to the vendor.

Answer: B

In Payables Transaction Entry, you can apply credit memos to which payables invoices?

A.    only invoices that are open and are posted
B.    only invoices that are in history
C.    only invoices that have been saved
D.    only invoices that are past due

Answer: A

You void a Deposit with Receipt.
The Deposit with Receipt is not reconciled.
What happens to the receipts that are attached to the Deposit with Receipt?

A.    Receipts are voided also.
B.    Receipts are removed from bank history.
C.    Receipts are reconciled automatically.
D.    Receipts become available to be re-deposited.

Answer: D

Which types of transactions can you enter in Bank Transaction Entry? (Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Choose two.)

A.    transfer
B.    service charge
C.    check
D.    increase adjustment

Answer: CD

Which section of your Home Page should you use to access your frequently used windows?

A.    Connect
B.    Checklists
C.    Quick Links
D.    Business Analyzer

Answer: C

You configure a shipping method and use the Delivery shipping type.
What is the impact on the transaction?

A.    There is a change in where the salesperson defaults from.
B.    There is a change in where the site defaults from.
C.    There is a change in where the tax schedule defaults from.
D.    There is a change in where the purchases account defaults from.

Answer: C

Which of the following statements is true about the account format?

A.    You cannot lengthen the account format after transactions are entered.
B.    All companies must have the same account format.
C.    The number of segments in the account format must equal the number of segments that you define in the account framework.
D.    Individual maximum segment lengths are limited by the account framework.

Answer: D

What function provides an option to designate a default printer for a specific task such as printing payables checks?

A.    Windows Print Setup
B.    Named Printers
C.    Process Server
D.    Activity Tracking

Answer: B

Which setup option is not company specific in Microsoft Dynamics GP?

A.    Activating security
B.    Defining an account format
C.    Setting up user classes
D.    Setting up payment terms

Answer: C

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