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Refer to the exhibit. The Allow Connections From Untrusted IP Addresses option is enabled in the SMTP Server Configuration.
What is the alternative configuration if this check box was not checked?
A.    The Require Authentication From Untrusted IP Addresses check box must be checked.
B.    The VPIM remote users must be added as contacts.
C.    The IP address access list should be configured to explicitly allow IP addresses from remote connections.
D.    No alternatives are available.

Answer: C

When you are using Cisco Unified RTMT to troubleshoot inbound VPIM messages on Cisco Unity Connection, which of the following services is most useful for trace analysis?

A.    Connection Conversation Manager
B.    Connection Message Transfer Agent
C.    Connection SMTP Server
D.    Connection Digital Networking Replication

Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit. The trace shows an inbound VPIM message to Cisco Unity Connection, which has been networked with Cisco Unity Express.
What is the location ID for Cisco Unity Connection?

A.    UC801
B.    801
C.    Location ID is not transmitted in VPIM.
D.    4001
E.    127

Answer: C

Which six of the following commands are necessary to configure two ephone-dns that will provide MWI on and off functions for Cisco Unity Express? Extension 2598 turns off MWI, extension 2599 turns on MWI, and extensions use four digits? (Choose six.)

A.    extension 2598….
B.    ephone-dn 10
C.    number 2598….
D.    mwi enable
E.    number 2599….
F.    mwi on
G.    ephone-dn 11
H.    mwi off

Answer: BCEFGH

Which email integration will allow a Lotus Notes client to retrieve emails from Cisco Unity Express?

A.    MIME
B.    SMTP
E.    IMAP
F.    Cisco Unity Express email infrastructure

Answer: E

If a notification profile is configured for an end user who requires a notification be sent to their work phone, cell phone, and text pager, how many notification schedules are required?

A.    A single notification schedule is required for a notification profile.
B.    Two notification schedules are required–one for each external device.
C.    Three notification schedules are required–one for each device in the notification profile.
D.    Two notification schedules are required–one for internal devices and one for external devices.

Answer: C

When changing a user password in Cisco Unity Express, how is that change propagated to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express?

A.    The Cisco Unity Express administrator must click Synchronize Information under the Administration menu.
B.    The change is automatic; no Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express administrator intervention is required.
C.    The Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express administrator needs to manually update the user password changes.
D.    Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express uses JTAPI to periodically synchronize the user information between Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express and Cisco Unity Express.

Answer: B

Which configuration will create a trigger for Cisco Unity Express so that when Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express callers dial extension 4001, they are connected with voice mail?

A.    ccn trigger jtapi phonenumber 4001 application voicemail max sessions 6 end trigger
B.    ccn trigger sip phonenumber 4001 application "voicemail" max sessions 2 end trigger
C.    ccn trigger jtapi phonenumber 4001 application autoattendant enabled max sessions 6 end trigger
D.    ccn trigger sip phonenumber 4001 application "voicemail" enabled max sessions end trigger

Answer: D

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