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Exam Code: 1Y0-301
Exam Name: Deploying Citrix XenDesktop 7.6 Solutions
Certification Provider: Citrix
Corresponding Certification: CCP-V

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Where should a Citrix Engineer set up a restart schedule for a pool of Server OS machines?

A.    Policy within Citrix Studio
B.    Delivery Group properties
C.    Virtual machine properties
D.    Machine catalog properties

Answer: B

A Citrix Engineer needs to restrict access to an application so it can only be accessed from external connections.
Where should the engineer go to configure this restriction?

A.    StoreFront: External Access
B.    Delivery Group: Access policy
C.    Citrix Studio: Citrix Security policy
D.    NetScaler Gateway: Session policy

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer set Desktop Composition Redirection to ‘Enabled’ in a policy within Citrix Studio and filtered the policy by virtual desktops. Desktop Composition Redirection is set to ‘Disabled’ in a group policy object (GPO) applied to the organizational unit (OU) containing all virtual desktops.
What will be the resultant effect of these two policies on the virtual desktops they are applied to?

A.    The two policies will cancel each other out, leaving the desktops with the default settings.
B.    The policy assigned to the OU will take precedence and Desktop Composition Redirection will be disabled.
C.    The Unfiltered policy will take precedence over the conflicting policies, leaving the desktops with the default settings.
D.    The policy assigned in Citrix Studio will apply as it takes precedence over OU policies and Desktop Composition Redirection is enabled.

Answer: B

Which XenDesktop feature will reduce the likelihood of application or desktop disruption during a database outage?

A.    Session lingering
B.    Session Reliability
C.    Connection leasing
D.    Session pre-launch

Answer: C

How can a Citrix Engineer ensure that external users connect only to specific desktops through a NetScaler Gateway?

A.    Create a session policy assigned to users.
B.    Create a StoreFront VIP on NetScaler Gateway.
C.    Create an access policy assigned to a Delivery Group.
D.    Create a StoreFront filter to show only authorized desktops

Answer: C

Which two features should be disabled when configuring a desktop for Remote PC Access? (Choose two.)

A.    The Windows screen saver
B.    The Windows automatic lock
C.    The Windows hibernate feature
D.    The network card wake on LAN feature
E.    The network card energy saving feature

Answer: CE

Which PowerShell cmdlet should a Citrix Engineer use to automatically turn on logged off virtual desktops during peak hours?

A.    Set-BrokerDesktopGroup
B.    Set-BrokerMachineCatalog
C.    Set-BrokerPowerTimeScheme
D.    Set-BrokerHostingPowerAction

Answer: A

Which keyword should a Citrix Engineer use to launch the locally installed version of a hosted application when it is available?

A.    Auto
B.    Prefer
C.    Primary
D.    Featured

Answer: B

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to set up printers for users in a newly installed XenDesktop environment with default parameters. Users in the environment will access hosted resources for PCs. These users will have printing access to two printers: Printer A and Printer B. Printer A is their default printer.
Which printer(s) will be available to the users in an ICA session?

A.    Neither
B.    Printer A
C.    Printer B
D.    Both printers

Answer: D

Which two Windows components can be selected using the Provisioning Services Device Optimization Tool? (Choose two.)

A.    Search
B.    Firewall
C.    SuperFetch
D.    Screen Saver
E.    TCP/IP Offload

Answer: AC

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