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December/2019 Braidump2go 200-125 Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 200-125 Exam Questions,

New Question
Which WAN topology is most appropriate for a centrally located server farm with several satellite branches?

A. star
B. hub and spoke
C. point-to-point
D. full mesh

Answer: B

New Question
Which function allows EIGRP peers to receive notice of implementing topology changes?

A. successors
B. advertised changes
C. goodbye messages
D. expiration of the hold timer

Answer: C

New Question
What is true about Cisco Discovery Protocol?

A. it discovers the routers, switches and gateways.
B. it is network layer protocol
C. it is physical and data link layer protocol
D. it is proprietary protocol

Answer: D

New Question
Which three options are benefits of using TACACS+ on a device? (Choose three)

A. It ensures that user activity is untraceable
B. It provides a secure accounting facility on the device.
C. device-administration packets are encrypted in their entirely.
D. It allows the user to remotely access devices from other vendors.
E. It allows the users to be authenticated against a remote server.
F. It supports access-level authorization for commands.

Answer: CEF

New Question
What layer of the OSI Model is included in TCP/IP Model’s INTERNET layer?

A. Application
B. Session
C. Data Link
D. Presentation
E. Network

Answer: E

New Question
A security administrator wants to profile endpoints and gain visibility into attempted authentications. Which 802.1x mode allows these actions?

A. Monitor mode
B. High-Security mode
C. Low-impact mode
D. Closed mode

Answer: A

New Question
What is true about Ethernet? (Choose Two.)

A. 802.2 Protocol
B. 802.3 Protocol
C. 10BaseT half duplex
D. CSMA/CD Stops transmitting when congestion occurs
E. CSMA/CA Stops transmitting when congestion occurs

Answer: BD

New Question
What IP SLA ICMP Echo measures?

A. Packet loss
B. Congestion
C. Hop-by-hop “something”

Answer: A

New Question
What are types of IPv6 static routes? (Choose Three.)

A. Recursive routes
B. Directly connected routes
C. Fully specified routes

Answer: ABC

New Question
How to configure RIPv2? (Choose Two.)

A. Enable RIP
B. Connect RIP to WAN interface
C. Enable no auto-summary
D. Enable authentication

Answer: AC

New Question
What is the status of port-channel if LACP is misconfigured?

A. Forwarding
B. Enabled
C. Disabled
D. Errdisabled

Answer: C

New Question
Two hosts are attached to a switch with the default configuration. Which statement about the configuration is true?

A. IP routing must be enabled to allow the two hosts to communicate.
B. The two hosts are in the same broadcast domain.
C. The switch must be configured with a VLAN to allow the two hosts to communicate.
D. Port security prevents the hosts from connecting to the switch.

Answer: B

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