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New Question
Which two tasks must you perform when you implement CWS on a Cisco ASA or ASAv? (Choose two.)

A. Browse to whoami.scansafe.net to verify that web redirection is operating normally.
B. Enable the ScanSafe feature.
C. Create an authentication license key.
D. Create a new RSA key.
E. Define the primary and secondary CWS proxy.

Answer: CE

New Question
Which two deployment modes does the Cisco ASA FirePOWER module support? (Choose two.)

A. transparent mode
B. routed mode
C. inline mode
D. active mode
E. passive monitor-only mode

Answer: CE

New Question
Which SSL decryption policy can be used to protect HTTPS servers from external traffic?

A. Decrypt Re-Sign
B. Enable SSL Decryption
C. Block
D. Decrypt Known Key

Answer: D

New Question
What is the primary benefit of deploying an ESA in hybrid mode?

A. You can fine-tune its settings to provide the optimum balance between security and performance for your environment
B. It provides the lowest total cost of ownership by reducing the need for physical appliances
C. It provides maximum protection and control of outbound messages
D. It provides email security while supporting the transition to the cloud

Answer: D

New Question
Which application preprocessor can you deploy in a SCADA environment to detect anomalous traffic and support protocol field inspection?


Answer: C

New Question
What is the main purpose of the default intrusion policy?

A. It balances security and connectivity considerations by default when you choose the Network Discovery default action.
B. It can protect against passing malicious packets before an access-control rule can identify the source application or URL.
C. It can enforce additional rules after the system has identified the default access-control rule.
D. It can preflag known malware to eliminate the need for further inspection.

Answer: B

New Question
You are implementing a virus outbreak filter on a Cisco ESA by using the Outbreak Filters feature. You plan to perform an additional scan by using a content filter. Which action can you configure the Outbreak Filters to take?

A. Scan processed messages by using a secondary instance of the ESA
B. Scan processed messages by using two engines simultaneously.
C. Send processed messages to an ESA
D. Send a copy of messages to quarantine.

Answer: C

New Question
Which two statements about a Cisco WSA configured in Transparent mode are true? (Choose two.)

A. It can handle explicit HTTP requests.
B. It requires a PAC file for the client web browser.
C. It requires a proxy for the client web browser.
D. WCCP v2-enabled devices can automatically redirect traffic destined to port 80.
E. Layer 4 switches can automatically redirect traffic destined to port 80.

Answer: DE

New Question
Which command do you run to reset a Firepower module on a Cisco ASA 5585-X firewall?

A. sw-module module sfr recover boot
B. sw-module module sfr reload
C. hw-module module 1 reload
D. hw-module module 1 recover boot

Answer: B

New Question
After deploying a Cisco ESA on your network, you notice that some messages fail to reach their destinations. Which task can you perform to determine where each message was lost?

A. Configure the trackingconfig command to enable message tracking.
B. Generate a system report.
C. Review the log files.
D. Perform a trace.

Answer: A

New Question
Which option is the main function of Cisco Firepower impact flags?

A. They alert administrators when critical events occur.
B. They highlight known and suspected malicious IP addresses in reports.
C. They correlate data about intrusions and vulnerability.
D. They identify data that the ASA sends to the Firepower module.

Answer: C

New Question
You are implementing a DLP policy on a Cisco ESA. Which template category must you see to protect personally identifiable information?

A. Privacy Protection
B. Regulatory Compliance
C. Company Confidential
D. Intellectual Property Protection

Answer: B

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