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December/2019 Braindump2go 5V0-21.19 Exam Dumps with PDF and VCE New Updated Today! Following are some new 5V0-21.19 Exam Questions,

New Question
Which default VMware vSphere High Availability cluster setting must be changed when using a vSAN stretched cluster?

A. Datastore with All Paths Down
B. Datastore with Permanent Device Loss
C. Response for Host Isolation
D. Enable Host Monitoring

Correct Answer: D

New Question
The cluster level backend IOPS performance graph shows a higher-than-average number of IOPS. What is a possible reason for this?

A. Data resynchronizations
B. Low volume of vSAN vital memory pools
C. DRS invoking multiple vMotion migrations
D. Destaging congestion

Correct Answer: A

New Question
An administrator of vSAN 6.5 environment is planning a path to move to unicast for the vSAN network. How will the administrator achieve this?

A. Enable LACP on vSAN switch ports.
B. Upgrade vCenter and vSAN nodes to vSAN 6.6 or later.
C. Enable unicast on the vSAN interfaces.
D. Disable multicast for vSAN using ESXCLI commands.

Correct Answer: B

New Question
When using vSAN Encryption, where does the Key Encryption Key persistently reside?

A. in/etc/vmware/ssl on each vSAN host
B. in the KMS server
C. in a VM configuration file on vSAN
D. in the vCenter Server cache

Correct Answer: C

New Question
What is a mandatory requirement for a vSAN stretched cluster?

A. Two witness hosts protected by vSphere Fault Tolerance
B. Minimum of two guaranteed lines of 10Gbps bandwidth
C. vSphere Replication configured between the data sites
D. Latency between data sites must be less than or equal to 5ms

Correct Answer: D

New Question
An architect is asked to design a vSAN cluster with these requiremets:
-Supports erasure coding storage policy
-Minimized inaccessibility from single device failures
-Ability to re-protect data after a failure
The desired configuration should be able to survive a single failure. Which configuration satisfies the design requirements?
A. 3-node hybrid vSAN cluster
B. 4-node hybrid vSAN cluster
C. 4-node all-flash vSAN cluster
D. 5-node all-flash vSAN cluster

Correct Answer: C

New Question
A new vSAN cluster needs to run 900 VMs and protect against one failure. What is the minimum number of nodes needed to meet the requirements?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 5
D. 6

Correct Answer: A

New Question
Refer to the exhibit.

In a 2-node vSAN environment, a storage administrator has setup a vSAN storage policy.
When the stripe width is changed to three, what is the approximate size of each replica marked in red?

A. 33GB
B. 50GB
C. 66GB
D. 100GB

Correct Answer: D

New Question
Which two factors should be considered when planning usable vSAN datastore capacity? (Choose two.)

A. Flash Read Cache Reservation percentage
B. Failure tolerance method
C. Stripe width
D. IOPS limit for object
E. Failures To Tolerate

Correct Answer: BE

New Question
An ESXi is being re-purposed from a 4-node cluster. The default policy is in use and storage utilization is low.
Which maintenance mode should be used to avoid storage policy non-compliance?

A. Ensure accessibility
B. No data migration
C. Proactive rebalance
D. Full data migration

Correct Answer: A

New Question
What would cause a vSAN: Basic (unicast) connectivity check failure in vSAN Health Check?

A. One or more hosts in the cluster are unable to ping the vSAN VMkernel adapters of other hosts in the cluster.
B. The throughput of the physical network supporting vSAN traffic is less than the recommended minimum throughput.
C. The vSAN VMkernel adapter is shared with another service such as vMotion.
D. vSAN is configured to use multicast to transmit data.

Correct Answer: A

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