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1.Explain projects and project management;
2.Define Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step;
3.Initiate a project and prepare for the diagnostic phase;
4.Deliver Decision Accelerators;
5.Generate a proposal and final licensing and services agreements;
6.Describe project management discipline;
7.Use waterfall delivery;
8.Use agile delivery;
9.Manage the deployment and operations phases;



You selected the Standard Project Type as the most appropriate approach for successful implementation. Your team is engaged in the Analysis phase and they finished gathering the business requirements after conducting the Detailed Business Process Analysis.
Which activity should the team perform next?

A.    Identify and document gaps between the business solution and the customer requirements based
on a Fit Gap Analysis.
B.    Begin System Configuration and ISV Solution Setup.
C.    Educate the Customer’s Core Implementation team by means of a Solution Overview training.
D.    Start making technical and functional designs in the correct Sure Step Design documents.

Answer: A

Your customer wants to ensure their business software does not contain undocumented code. What can you do to ensure your team will not deliver undocumented code?

A.    Explain that this demand complies with your company’s strategy, and state that developers must
produce documented code that is easily read and understood.
B.    Invite your customer to work with your development team to create code development standards.
C.    Share requirements and design documents from previous projects to demonstrate that documentation
is a priority in your company.
D.    List this demand as a formal project requirement.

Answer: B

The sales team wants to close the sales process. They need to make sure that the scope and all other recommendations for project execution are analyzed, documented, and agreed upon by the customer. They are now looking for documentation that defines the formal services agreement and outlines the engagement in enough detail that they can make a decision.
Which document can the sales team use to support the implementation proposal?

A.    Statement Of Work
B.    Project Charter
C.    Project Plan
D.    Microsoft Dynamics Pricelists

Answer: A

A prospective customer asks your sales person to prove that the proposed solution supports the specific industry requirements.
You need to ensure due-diligence is achieved.
What should you recommend? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    A joint application design (JAD) or prototyping session where the software values/code tables are configured or populated in the session.
B.    A system test or demonstration of exactly how the software will be used at the customer site;
Participants must have an expectation that the project is still in design and feedback on key points is needed.
C.    A demonstration of the software and processes through realistic Customer Business Scenarios that
include representative customer data.
D.    A scripted and well prepared proof of concept.

Answer: CD

You need to map requirements in the Fit Gap Analysis Worksheet to appropriate categories to help scope the level of effort required. Which of the following categorizations provide the most insights from a project scoping and cost analysis perspective?

A.    Fit, Gap
B.    Finance, Sales and Marketing, Purchase, Warehouse, Manufacturing, Service, Marketing,
Customer Service
C.    Critical, Non-Critical, Important, Optional, Out of scope
D.    Standard Feature, Configuration, Workflow, Customization, ISV Solution, Other

Answer: D

You collaborated with the Solution Sales team to strategize how to execute a Business Case Assessment.
Which customer benefits do you realize when you execute a Business Case Assessment? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    Estimates on Return on Investment (ROI)
B.    A detailed project plan
C.    Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
D.    Business Process Re-engineering

Answer: AC

Your team started a pilot rollout scenario to implement and deploy a Microsoft Dynamics solution. You notice that the customer continually adjusts the solution and that the project is not moving forward. You are stuck in the analysis phase.
How can you ensure this pilot project moves forward?

A.    Adhere to a clear and strict timeline.
B.    Make change requests for every adjustment that the customer makes.
C.    Start new budget negotiations for the extra analysis time-spend.
D.    Make extra analysis resources available to this project.

Answer: A

Before executing a Requirements and Process Review Decision Accelerator, you need to gather data and document conditions.
Which of the following are pre-conditions for this Decision Accelerator? Choose the 2 that apply.

A.    A qualified opportunity for selling a business solution exists.
B.    Customer Mission and Goals for the business solution are available.
C.    Results from the Fit Gap and Solution Blueprint are available.
D.    Scoping Assessment has been completed and results are available.

Answer: AB

Your team needs to implement a Microsoft Dynamics solution for a large enterprise business that has complex business requirements and four globally distributed sites.
Although each site has unique business needs, the company wants to implement a uniform solution across all sites.
Which implementation approach does Sure Step typically recommend?

A.    The Enterprise Project Type with a Single Site Build approach
B.    The Enterprise Project Type with a Multi Site Core Build approach
C.    The Agile Project Type with an iterative, incremental process for developing Microsoft Dynamics solutions
D.    The Standard Project Type

Answer: B

You are a consultant for a company.
You need to review the scope of the implementation process.
Which of the following activities are within the scope of the Requirements and Process Review? Choose the 3 that apply.

A.    Analyze the customer business processes against those in Microsoft Dynamics and highlight any process gaps.
B.    Identify the customer required integrations to identify those that do not fit the Microsoft Dynamics
integration recommendations.
C.    Generate detailed functional and technical specifications.
D.    Review any additional Technical requirements, or IS/IT strategies, defined by the customer.

Answer: ABD

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