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An Engineer notices that some SCCP phones are not displaying the correct time, but the phones are registered and working properly. Which three options should be performed in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to fix the phone time issue? (Choose three)

A. Verify that device pool has the correct Date/Time group configured.
B. Ensure that the phone on Time field on the phone configuration page is chosen.
C. Check the CUCM OS Admin page to ensure that NTP servers are accessible.
D. Verify that the date/Time group has the correct phone NTP reference configured.
E. Check the phone NTP reference configuration for configured servers.
F. Verify that the date/time group has the correct time zone configured.

Answer: ACF

A cisco telepresence SX80 that is registered on Cisco Unified communications manager is calling a registered H.323 endpoint that is registered to a Cisco VCS control within the same campus. The call is placed using 6MB, however only a 1 MB call is set up. Where can you find two possible causes for this issue? (Choose Two)

A. The Cisco Telepresence SX80, which needs an option key to call over 2 MB, which also enables multisite calls
B. In the region settings in Cisco unified communications Manager
C. Bandwidth settings in the SIP trunk profile
D. Legacy telepresence systems that are registered to the Cisco VCS control and can only do 1 MB towards a Cisco Unified Communications Manager system
E. A link and pipe configuration on the VCS to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Subzone
F. In the subzone settings of the registered H.323 endpoint

Answer: BF

A system Administrator receives a help ticket stating that users at a remote office are unable to make three way calls. What should the administrator do in the Cisco Unified Communications Manager configuration to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Check the media resources for a registered conference bridge and ensure that it is added to the correct region for that office
B. Check the media resources for a registered media termination point and ensure that it is added to the correct media Resource group for that office
C. Check the media resources for a registered Media Termination Point and ensure that it is assigned to a location for that office
D. Check the media resources for a registered conference bridge and ensure that it is assigned to the right Media Resource Group for that office.

Answer: D

Which cisco unified communications manager tool can you use to troubleshoot issues with international calling?

A. Cisco Prime
B. Cisco Deployment Tool
D. Dialed Number Analyzer

Answer: D

You have installed a Cisco Unified IP 8831 Conference phone that is failing to register.
Which two actions must you take to troubleshoot the problem? (Choose Two)

A. Verify that RJ-11 cable is plugged into the PC port.
B. Verify that the Phones network can access the option 150 server.
C. Disable HSRP on the access layer switch.
D. Verify that the correct drivers are installed on the switch port of the phone.
E. Verify that the switch port of the phone is enabled.
F. Check the RJ-65 cable.

Answer: BE

A user takes an IP phone from one office to another and just called you to inform that phone does not work in the new location. Which three things should you check to resolve the issue? (Choose Three)

A. Make sure that the device mobility information contains the correct IP subnet information.
B. Make sure that physical locations are properly assigned under device pools.
C. Recreate the phone under a new cluster.
D. Make sure that the device pool is assigned to a device mobility group.
E. Reconfigure the remote destination profile.
F. Check whether the phone is registered under a different MAC address.
G. Check the local DHCP information for possible clues.

Answer: ABG

Refer to the Exhibit below, what does this trace indicate?

A. A disconnected Call
B. A complete call setup
C. A failed call setup
D. An interrupted call setup

Answer: A

Refer to the Exhibit. An engineer configured a Cisco Telepresence Server with two Cisco acquired codian devices. Users are reporting that the image looks frozen and audio contains static and is garbled on one of the devices. What is the root cause of the issue?

A. There is mismatch in the port configuration.
B. The input flow control is off.
C. The QoS that is configured on the port is set to FIFO.
D. There are packet drops in the ingress queues.

Answer: D

Which debug command analyzes messages that are produced by SIP during the call setup process in IOS?

A. Show isdn status
B. debug voip ccapi inout
C. show sip-ua register status
D. debug isdn q931
E. debug ccsip messages
F. debug voice dialpeer

Answer: E

Refer to the exhibit. What does the debug output show?

A. a DSP farm profile shutdown
B. a DSP farm profile registration failure due to a TCP connection error
C. a DSP farm profile registration failure Message due to a mismatched name
D. that SCCP is not activated

Answer: C

For which two reasons does music on hold fail to play? (Choose two.)

A. The DRAM is corrupted on the Cisco IOS router.
B. Unicast music on hold is configured and the IP addressing mode is set to IPv4 Only.
C. A SIP trunk is configured between the phone and the music on hold server.
D. iPv4 addressing is in use.
E. Multicast music on hold is configured and the IP addressing mode is set to IPv6 Only.
F. Analog lines are terminated into the voice gateway.

Answer: AE

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