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A large enterprise network running IS-IS wants to deploy IGP traffic engineering, but they are concerned that the IS-IS default metrics are not flexible enough. Which feature must be enabled to provide traffic engineering with the minimum amount of changes?

A. IS-IS Narrow Metrics
C. IS-IS Wide Metrics
D. IS-IS Multitopology

Answer: C

An ISP provides VoIP and internet services to its customers. For security reasons, these services must be transported in different MPLS Layer 3 VPNs over the ISP core network. The customer CEs do not have the ability to segment the services using different VLANs and have only one uplink interface that does not support VLAN tagging. How should you design the network to ensure that VoIP traffic that is received from the CE goes in the VoIP VPN, and that Internet traffic goes into the Internet VPN on the ISP PE devices?

A. Use a secondary interface IP address to differentiate between VoIP and Internet traffic
B. Extend the Layer 3 VPN toward the CE
C. Enable NBAR on the PE to direct the traffic into the correct VRF
D. Use a subinterface on the PE for each service, VoIP and Internet, with different subnets
E. Use policy-based routing to direct traffic into the correct VRF

Answer: E

How can a network designer reduce the amount of LSA flooding occurring in a large, single area fully- meshed OSPF topology?

A. Implemented passive OSPF interfaces on the routers not participating on the DR/BDR election.
B. Use access control lists to control outbound advertisements.
C. Ensure DR and BDR routers are placed optimally in the topology.
D. Place all point-to-point links in their own dedicated areas.

Answer: C

You are presented with requirements to design a development, testing and production environments. These environment should communicate with each other, yet they should be kept as separate failure domains. Which routing protocol should be configured on the links between the networks to support the design requirements?


Answer: D

At which two networks points is route summarization supported? (Choose two)

A. At EIGRP AS boundaries
B. At EIGRP interface boundaries
C. At OSPF virtual-link boundaries
D. At EIGRP are boundaries
E. At OSPF area boundaries
F. At EIGRP stub interface boundaries

Answer: BE

The enterprise customer ABC Corp will deploy a centralized unified communications application to provide voice, and instant messaging to their branch offices. Some of the branch offices are located in remote locations and are connected via a 1.5 Mb/s Layer 3 VPN connection. Which two ways are the most cost-effective to ensure that this new application is implemented properly? (Choose two)

A. Use a low bitrate codec such as G 711
B. Set voice activity detection to avoid sending packets when the conversations is silent
C. Enable VRF-Lite on the CE router to create a separate voice VRF
D. Set LFI on the WAN connections to interleave the small voice packets with the large data packets
E. Set WAN optimization on the CE router to compress the voice packets for improved bandwidth utilization and performance
F. Use a low bitrate codec such as G 729

Answer: BF

Refer to the exhibit. This layer 2 network is expected to add 150 VLANS over the next year, In addition to the existing 50 VLANs within the network which STP types will support this design requirement the least amount of CPU resource and achieving load balancing?


Answer: C

You are solving a design failure on a massive Hadoop cluster network that has an application with TCP incast behavior (also known as TCP Throughput collapse) affecting its many-to-one communications with packet loss at the last-hop network device. Which metric must be measured to ensure that the network provides the best performance for this application?

A. Availability
B. Bandwidth utilization
C. Jitter values
D. Buffer utilization

Answer: D

Which two are IoT sensor-specific constraints? (Choose two)

A. Memory
B. Processing power
C. The amount of devices
D. Cooling
E. Standard transport protocols

Answer: CE

You are designing a data center migration from one location to another, which requires all existing VLANs spanned to the new data center to maintain host IP addressing. Two temporary Gigabit Ethernet circuits are available to extend the VLANs at Layer 2 to the location as trunk links between core switches in each location. Which solution provides maximum fault isolation between the two data centers to ensure a Layer
Issue in one data center does not affect the other during the migration?

A. Perform BPDU filtering over the trunk links
B. Enable STP PortFast on host ports within each data center
C. Run the dual links as multichassis Etherchannel trunk between core switches within each location
D. Perform HSRP filtering over the trunk links to maintain active HSRP gateways within each data center for each VLAN

Answer: A

A BGP route reflector in the network is talking longer than expected to converge during network changes. Troubleshooting has shown that the router cannot handle all the TCP acknowledgements during route updates. Which action can be performed to tune device performance?

A. Increase the size of the large buffers
B. Decrease the size of the small buffers
C. Increase the keepalive timers for each BGP neighbor
D. Increase the size of the hold queue

Answer: D


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