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A company exchanges information with a business partner. An annual audit of the business partner is conducted against the SLA in order to verify:

A. Performance and service delivery metrics
B. Backups are being performed and tested
C. Data ownership is being maintained and audited
D. Risk awareness is being adhered to and enforced

Answer: A

Which of the following is the proper way to quantify the total monetary damage resulting from an exploited vulnerability?

A. Calculate the ALE
B. Calculate the ARO
C. Calculate the MTBF
D. Calculate the TCO

Answer: A

A security administrator needs to implement a system that detects possible intrusions based upon a vendor provided list. Which of the following BEST describes this type of IDS?

A. Signature based
B. Heuristic
C. Anomaly-based
D. Behavior-based

Answer: A

The chief Security Officer (CSO) has reported a rise in data loss but no break ins have occurred. By doing which of the following is the CSO most likely to reduce the number of incidents?

A. Implement protected distribution
B. Empty additional firewalls
C. Conduct security awareness training
D. Install perimeter barricades

Answer: C

Ann, a user, states that her machine has been behaving erratically over the past week. She has experienced slowness and input lag and found text files that appear to contain pieces of her emails or online conversations with coworkers. The technician runs a standard virus scan but detects nothing. Which of the following types of malware has infected the machine?

A. Ransomware
B. Rootkit
C. Backdoor
D. Keylogger

Answer: D

An information security specialist is reviewing the following output from a Linux server.

Based on the above information, which of the following types of malware was installed on the server?

A. Logic bomb
B. Trojan
C. Backdoor
D. Ransomware
E. Rootkit

Answer: A

In terms of encrypting data, which of the following is BEST described as a way to safeguard password data by adding random data to it in storage?

A. Using salt
B. Using hash algorithms
C. Implementing elliptical curve
D. Implementing PKI

Answer: A

A system administrator wants to provide for and enforce wireless access accountability during events where external speakers are invited to make presentations to a mixed audience of employees and non-employees. Which of the following should the administrator implement?

A. Shared accounts
B. Preshared passwords
C. Least privilege
D. Sponsored guest

Answer: D

Which of the following would MOST likely appear in an uncredentialed vulnerability scan?

A. Self-signed certificates
B. Missing patches
C. Auditing parameters
D. Inactive local accounts

Answer: D

A security analyst observes the following events in the logs of an employee workstation:

Given the information provided, which of the following MOST likely occurred on the workstation?

A. Application whitelisting controls blocked an exploit payload from executing.
B. Antivirus software found and quarantined three malware files.
C. Automatic updates were initiated but failed because they had not been approved.
D. The SIEM log agent was not turned properly and reported a false positive.

Answer: A

When identifying a company’s most valuable assets as part of a BIA, which of the following should be the FIRST priority?

A. Life
B. Intellectual property
C. Sensitive data
D. Public reputation

Answer: A


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