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New Question
Which is one of the major outputs of Sequence Activities?

A. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM)
B. Work breakdown structure (WBS) update
C. Project schedule network diagram
D. Mandatory dependencies list

Answer: C

New Question
When does Monitor and Control Risks occur?

A. At project initiation
B. During work performance analysis
C. Throughout the life of the project
D. At project milestones

Answer: C

New Question
Which process occurs within the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group?

A. Control Costs
B. Plan Quality
C. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
D. Determine Budget

Answer: A

New Question
Which of the following processes audits the quality requirements and the results from quality control measures to ensure appropriate quality standards and operational definitions are used?

A. Perform Quality Control
B. Quality Metrics
C. Perform Quality Assurance
D. Plan Quality

Answer: C

New Question
How is the schedule variance calculated using the earned value technique?

A. EV less AC
B. AC less PV
C. EV less PV
D. AC less EV

Answer: C

New Question
Which Perform Quality Control tool graphically represents how various elements of a system interrelate?

A. Control chart
B. Flowchart
C. Run chart
D. Pareto chart

Answer: B

New Question
Which is a communication method used in the Report Performance process?

A. Expert judgment
B. Project management methodology
C. Stakeholder analysis
D. Status review meetings

Answer: D

New Question
Which technique helps to determine the risks that have the most potential impact on a project?

A. Cost risk simulation analysis
B. Expected monetary value analysis
C. Modeling and simulation
D. Sensitivity analysis

Answer: D

New Question
Labor, materials, equipment, and supplies are examples of:

A. Resource attributes.
B. Resource types.
C. Resource categories.
D. Resource breakdown structures (RBS).

Answer: C

New Question
Analogous cost estimating relies on which of the following techniques?

A. Expert judgment
B. Project management software
C. Vendor bid analysis
D. Reserve analysis

Answer: A

New Question
A tool and technique used during the Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis process is:

A. risk data quality assessment.
B. variance and trend analysis.
C. data gathering and representation techniques.
D. risk audits.

Answer: A

New Question
In the Estimate Activity Durations process, productivity metrics and published commercial information inputs are part of the:

A. enterprise environmental factors.
B. organizational process assets.
C. project management plan,
D. project funding requirements.

Answer: A

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